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What should I do when I arrive on the day of my procedure?

We are located on the second floor. When you arrive, please go to the front desk, print your name and arrival time on the sign-in log and take a seat in the waiting area. The receptionist will call you to start the registration process. You may ask for assistance if needed.

How long will registration take?

Registration takes about 5-7 minutes. You will review various forms and a pre-op nurse will escort you to Pre-Op area, where you will be prepared for your procedure.

Are there separate bills for services?

Yes. The surgeon, anesthesiologist, facility and any labs your surgeon may or may not order. You will be asked to sign forms that will allow the facility to bill and receive payment for your procedure. (This does not apply if you are an epidural or local anesthesia patient.)

Should I have an Advanced Directive?

If you are over 18, you will be asked if you have an Advance Directive/Medical Living Will/Health Care Proxy instructing the facility of your wishes in the event that the need for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) arises. It will be helpful if you bring a copy with you if you have one.

What if my surgery is related to a physical injury?

If the surgery is related to a physical injury, you will be asked to fill out a form that provides the date of injury and how the injury occurred. This will expedite the claim process because insurance companies require the injury incident report, if applicable and related to Workers Comp or an accident.

What other forms will I receive?

You will be given the HIPAA Privacy Notice and be asked to sign the acknowledgement that you received the privacy notice. If you have received the notice previously, another copy will not be distributed.

What do I do after registration is complete?

The registration process ends when you receive a wristband. You may then take a seat in the lobby to wait for a pre-op nurse who will take you to get prepared for the surgical procedure.

When should I arrive and what should I expect?

Patients are generally told to arrive one-and-a-half hours before the start of their actual surgery time. During that time, you are registered, brought to the pre-op area, assessed by the pre-op nurse, changed into a gown, an IV may be started, and you will be interviewed by the anesthesiologist. All paperwork, including consents, is completed. We try very hard to honor the scheduled times, but unavoidable circumstances sometimes cause a delay. We will communicate any delays to you and ask for your patience in those instances.

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